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Churches of Richland Parish

Submitted by Marsha Bryant from GNIS Records.

Feature Name

Adile Church Gilleyville
Amity Church Gilleyville
Antioch Church Whitney Island South
Antioch Church Rayville
Bethany Baptist Church Riverton
Bethel Church Whitney Island South
Bethlehem Church Mangham
Boeuf River Church Whitney Island South
Bright Water Church Gilleyville
Calvary Church Gilleyville
Cedar Church Mangham
China Grove Church Mangham
Church of Christ Baskinton
Church of God Rayville
Church of God (historical) Whitney Island South
Fairview Church Congo Creek
Faith Missionary Church Whitney Island South
Fellowship Church Dunn
Friendship Church Whitney Island South
Galilee Church Rayville
Galilee Church Crew Lake
Good Hope Church Dunn
Grace Church Bee Bayou
Greater Pilgrim Rest Church Liddieville
Green Grove Church Dunn
Greengrove Church Gilleyville
Hebert Church Hebert
Hegwood Church Congo Creek
Holly Grove Church Mangham
Holly Ridge Church Bee Bayou
Holly Ridge Church Bee Bayou
Holly Ridge Church Rayville
Hopewell Church Mangham
Hunters Chapel Bee Bayou
Jerusalem Church Irwin Lake
Jones Chapel Rayville
Little Creek Church Congo Creek
Little Creek Church Mangham
Long Cherry Church Mangham
Midway Church Bear Skin
Midway Church Epps
Morning Star Church Whitney Island South
Morning Star Church Mangham
Morning Star Church Mangham
Mount Olive Church Rayville
Mount Oliver Church Dunn
Mount Zion Church Gilleyville
New Bethel Church Rayville
New Bethel Church Mangham
New Light Church Mangham
New Salem Church (historical) Irwin Lake
New Zion Church Whitney Island South
Orange Hill Church Rayville
Parkview Church Whitney Island South
Pentecostal Church Congo Creek
Pleasant Grove Church Rayville
Pleasant Grove Church Rayville
Poplar Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Rayville
Red Hill Church Delhi
Robinson Church Dunn
Saint Deed Church Rayville
Saint Joe Church Crew Lake
Saint John Church Dunn
Saint Johns Church Gilleyville
Saint Luke Church Gilleyville
Saint Luke Church Irwin Lake
Saint Mary Church Rayville
Saint Matthew Church Mangham
Saint Paul Church Rayville
Saint Peter Church Bee Bayou
Shady Grove Church Whitney Island South
Shady Grove Church Mangham
Shady Grove Church Congo Creek
Silver Star Church Congo Creek
Sims Church Liddieville
Sunshine Church Rayville
Union Church Gilleyville
Victory Church Gilleyville
Welcome Home Church Hebert
West New Home Church Whitney Island South
White Oak Church Epps
Woolen Lake Church Hebert
Zebedee Church Bee Bayou
Zion Travelers Church Liddieville

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